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Site Content Usage

All contents and artworks provided on the site are copyrighted. Unauthorized use or duplication is prohibited. Contact me [also referred to as "Mind-Catching Design" or "the designer"] for further questions, suggestions or inquiries.

The website is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. This site could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Articles, tutorials and ads posted on the site are for your reference and potential usage at your own benefits and of course at your own risks.

Here and there I've used images, designs, or textual contents that are from my past projects or are logos, trademarks, service marks, or product names, etc. of the respective organizations. Those were used for informational purposes to the site viewers only. The usage and mention of such images, designs or contents is with due recognition and without the intent to misappropriate any individuals, organizations and/or their products, services, names or trademarks.

Service Results

All websites done by Mind-Catching Design are to be diligently tested by both the designer and the client and approved by the client before publishing. Thus, in case of errors, the designer is willing to work with the client to remedy the situation but won't be responsible for any loss caused by the said errors.

Mind-Catching Design always tries its best to get its client's website a higher ranking with major search engines. The results, however, will vary from website to website based on various factors such as how competitive the keywords are, how much and how good content its client provides, and how much budget the client is willing to spend on their search engine optimization - SEO - project. Also, getting a website indexed, listed, and highly ranked is not an overnight business, it'll take months to see results. Mind-Catching Design may follow up with its client about the client's website search engine ranking analysis depending on the initial agreement.

Last but not least, the algorithms that search engines used to search, index and rank websites are subject to change over time. Thus, the ranking of client's website may be changed as well. Mind-Catching Design won't be hold responsible for any of the client's website ranking changes due to any reasons.

MindCatching Design is a freelance web designer based in San Jose, CA serving clients in the Bay Area, around the US and outside the US. MindCatching Design offers web design, web development, website maintenance and administration, blog design, web graphic design, html email design, search engine optimization, web analytics, flash design and light graphic design services.