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About Mind-Catching Design

Welcome! I'm Man Tran, a web designer/developer and graphic designer based in San Jose, California. I have been doing web design and graphic design in San Jose, the Bay Area since 2004.

I created mindcatching.com when was still in university in California majoring in Multimedia design. The name Mind-catching came to mind when I heard people talk a lot about how eye-catching a design was without even mentioning the intention or the purpose of the design. Attracting attention [with an eye-catching design] is important but not sufficient. Thus, I created the term "mind-catching" and has always used it as my motto in design, either it's for web design or graphic design.

With a background in marketing, my web design works are always clear and client-centered which will help you eliminate potential clutter and confusion on your site, thus communicate and sell your ideas, products and services more efficiently and effectively.


  • Web/blog design, re-design and development
  • Web/blog maintenance and administration
  • Web graphics, banner ad and Flash animation
  • Web analytics including web traffic analysis and campagin tracking with Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Adwords setup and management
  • Desktop training with Flash, screen recording, Flash video and audio
  • E-mail marketing with HTML e-mail design [campaign e-mail or e-newsletter] and management
  • Graphic design

Want more information? Contact me or go to the updated Questions & Answers page.

MindCatching Design is a freelance web designer based in San Jose, CA serving clients in the Bay Area, around the US and outside the US. MindCatching Design offers web design, web development, website maintenance and administration, blog design, web graphic design, html email design, search engine optimization, web analytics, flash design and light graphic design services.